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>> new details on the story we brought you yesterday.
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we're hearing about a hero behind a jewelry heist. 81-year-old who took on two robbers by himself. it shows the thieves smashing jewelry cases and that's when chuck sprang into action. what was going through your head? >> nothing (laughter) just stop them. and fear didn't come into me, it just happened. i just tried to protect what belongs to me. >> he did not hesitate. fortunately, the owner was not hurt, but the thieves did manage to get away with a couple of watches. hopefully they get caught, jon and hopefully bad karma. >> got the good video and hope they get those guys. chuck deserves our help. thank you for joining us today. "america live" starts right n n now. >> fox news alert on a busy afternoon and a new twist in an increasingly ugly war between the white house and
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veteran washington post reporter bob woodward. welcome to "america live" i'm megyn kelly. let's get you up to speed quickly. this fight started when mr. woodward appeared on fox news sunday two weeks ago challenging the administration's narrative on the budget negotiations to head off the automatic spending changes, you know, they're going to decrease the amount of increased spending we're going to have and this caused consternation in washington. while the white house repeatedly insisted the republicans were to blame for that plan entirely mr. woodward pointed out that this idea in fact originated with the president and his team and president obama said specifically in a debate with mitt romney that the republicans came up with this. woodward came out and said, that's absolutely false. when i was researching my book, my book months ago, all access pass to the white house, it was confirmed by many sources that this is the white house's brainchild. and now, jay carney, white house spokesman admitted
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that-- despite at that reporting the administration continues the charge against woodward. and issued dire warnings that the toll that all of this sequestration as its known will take on our economy and blaming the republicans every step of the way. they voted for it, too, by the way. yesterday, bob woodward again called the president's decision not to deploy an aircraft carrier due to the so-called cuts, a kind of madness. this is woodward criticizing the white house again. hours later, more fuel on the fire when mr. woodward accused of white house of threatening him for challenging the president's version of events. here he is on cnn. >> well, they're not happy at all and some people kind of, you know, said look, we don't see eye to eye on this. they never said though, that this is factually wrong and that this is said to me in an e-mail by a top-- >> and it was, it was said very clearly, you will regret doing this.
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and it makes me very uncomfortable to have the white house telling reporters, you're going to regret doing something that you believe in. >> megyn: well, the white house says, it denies that any threat was ever made, arguing woodward misinterpreted that e-mail and on and on it goes. chris stirewalt is our fox news digital editor, and host of power play dot-com com live. we know who bob woodward says, gene sperling. the head of the economic advisors and out front and center for the president during this whole fight automatic decrease to the automatic increase to spending. >> megyn: and the white house says woodward was threatened releases the entire e-mail, i don't know if it's the entire, but releases the e-mail in which the alleged threat is
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made so now we have it and it's amazing to see the folks rushing to defend the white house and by the folks, i mean the press rushing to defend the white house, but i will say this is, this is what, how the letter reads in part the e-mail from gene sperling to boob woodward february 22. politicalco. i advise for raising my voice in our conversation today you may not believe this, but as a friend i think you will regret staking out that claim suggesting that the president has moved the goal post in this whole negotiation, not to argue on, he said, but my sincere advice. it's your call, my apologies again about raising my voice, do feel bad about that. >> megyn: and woodward writes back in the white house's defense woodward says you do not ever have to apologize to me, you get wound up because you're making your points and you believe in them and goes on to say, i welcome your listening. ce. so, they are ticked off at the white house that he went out
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and he says they threatened him. he and others who have covered the white house seem to believe though that this is a pattern of behavior by those at the white house. >> oh, my gosh. well, yes, of course it is. there's a news channel, you may have heard, the fox news channel. >> megyn: oh, yeah. >> a pretty big deal, early in the president's administration they tried to read us out of the press corps, they went on a deliberate explicit campaign that the president keeps up to this day to try to cull us from the press herd and make sure that we are delegitimized in some way. they have done this to reporters from the washington examiner, they have done this to reporters from san francisco chronicle, boston herald, this is a pattern that this white house is engaged in. now, mr. woodward, who has been sort of the billy graham of washington journalists, a counsel to each president since gerald ford since she took down richard nixon, ever president has granted him access. >> megyn: better to have him on your side. >> right, better to have him on your side.
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so when he considers a threat after getting a lot of kid glove treatment for 30 years is probably different, i would feel bad for him if he saw what was in the inboxes of some white house reporters, that was far less gentle in its reproof than mr. sperling offered. >> megyn: he in the wake of all this, lanny davis, a fox news contributor sometimes writes for the washington times, says i have been threatened to the white house, too, and i called up the white house and tell them you better not let this happen again, it's inappropriate. and ronnie offer the journal and was the chief and now back to daily reporting, saying he's been abused by the white house, intimidation abbitactics vulgarity, abusive language and virtually the fame phrases that woodward says were used to him, you're going to regret this, badgering and got to the point just now he cut off his own senior white house
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administration official source because he said, i just disapprove of the way they deal with reporters and i'm a seasoned reporter, but a younger reporter might be intimidated by them and on principle i'm shutting that down. >> the president's operation is notoriously a boys' club and that locker room attitude, the bullying way that they have, my gosh, david plouffe, a very high ranking official, senior advise to the president, my gosh, out basically taunting woodward, calling him old, more or less, and saying he is like an old baseball player can't hit the pitchers of today. >> megyn: let's put it up so you know what. and david plouffe. batching woodward is like watching my idol. >> a philadelphia philly who is very good. >> megyn: facing live pitching again, perfection in game one is rarely repeated. go ahead. >> mean, just mean. and this is something that people aren't used to. certainly bob woodward is not used to that kind of treatment and people in the white house
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press corps to that treatment, but guess what? team obama doesn't care. woodward and company believe that the president wants to do a deal or wants to have good relationship with the press. he does not seem to want to do a deal with republicans on spending and does not seem to want a good relationship with the press and they're going to have to lump it like we've been doing for the last five years. >> megyn: welcome to our world. >> exactly, welcome aboard. >> megyn: all right, chris, thank you. >> you bet. >> megyn: while the white house denies any attempt to silence woodward administration media allies on the left have spent the last 24 hours beatings up on a man who helped to inspire journalism careers. the huffington post, drama king, woodward cries foul, runs to hannity and the reason they have that up there is because bob woodward, prior to any of the events that happened yesterday, had agreed to an interview with our own sean hannity and he's been on cnn, sat down with politico. make it sound like he's running to a conservative guy for an interview. and this is long scheduled and he sat down with several media
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outlets, in any event. let's move on and going to be on tonight. tune in at 9 p.m. and headline, woodward goes wing-nut. and from legend to laughingstock. bob woodward cites bogus threats, calls obama knicks own i-- nixonen and between obama and former president richard nixon, and the relationship with the media. and the national journal, the reason that senior white house source gave him such a hard time and used the vulgar language so on so forth to the point where the reporter cut off his own relationship with the white house, sick of the abuse, he says. in our next hour, we will have former president george w. bush's former white house secretary, a woman you know by the name of dana perino about what is going on between the white house and its relationship with the press and whether they have gone too far, whether this has been
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taken a step too far. don't miss that. developing right now, deepening suspicions of foul play in the mysterious death of a rising political star in mississippi. the body of democratic mayoral candidate near a levee on the mississippi river. looking into whether this suspected crime was personal or political. trace gallagher has the story from our breaking news desk. >> reporter: by all accounts 34-year-old was becoming influential, and ebony magazine named him as one of up and comers. truly the first gay man for a viable public office in mississippi history. the whole thing began when his car involved in a two car crash. the problem was, he was not in the car and a search began and 30 miles from where his car
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was found, deputies found his body in the woods near the banks of the mississippi river. police will not release anything about the cause of death, saying that an autopsy is underway. but they are ruling this homicide, but they're not ruling it a hate crime. listen to police. >> the sheriff's office does have a person of interest in custody in relation to the case. due to the fact that it is an ongoing investigation, any information in regard to the individual's name will be released at a later time. >> also, will not say the man driving the car was a person of interest. and mississippi well-known to blues fan where robert johnson is said to have sold his soul to the devil for guitar skills. and right now, they're releasing zero about that man. >> megyn: all right. trace, thanks. after days of warnings about a budget move that could weaken
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america's economy, hurt our military readiness, leave thousands of teachers without a job, could leave you without a firefighter to come put your fire out at your house, president obama last night seemed to be striking a very different message on the expected impact of this so-called sequester of these decreases to the increase in spending we're going to see this year. we're going to debate why he did that. and at 2 p.m. eastern, one of the most popular religions on the planet will be without a leader for a time. we'll go live to the vatican as we begin seeing the next step in the process of picking a new pope, a historic day. and president clinton's welfare reform was considered one of his most successful pieces of legislation. today we'll debate why our current administration is trying to repeal part of the plan in part, this is how the critics phrased it, that requires work for the benefits. now, the administration has a different story on this, lou dobbs is going to update us
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>> well, new concerns today that the obama administration will reverse part of the welfare reform law that was a cornerstone of president clinton's efforts in the 1990's, a house committee holding a hearing on the push to waive the work requirement for some welfare recipients, there's more to that story so we'll get into it in a second. last summer the obama administration did so in part and it became a big deal in the presidential campaign. and it's in dispute. lou dobbs is the host of the lou dobbs show. the republicans made a big deal about it and the
10:18 am
administration pushed back we're just allowing states the flexibility they are asking us to give them to decide what qualifies as work or doesn't. if a mother wants to go back and get an advanced degree that would help her job prospects, it may qualify or-- >> the compassion and the leadership of the obama administration, the problem is it's against the law. the republicans went to the general accountability office and asked for a ruling on this, whether or not this is a regulation and therefore subject to the oversight of the united states congress. >> megyn: did they have to come to us, the folks in the house, and get per manipulation. >> absolutely, the little thing like the law and said so, republicans sent off a note to hhs, kathleen sebelius and the secretary says explain what in the world to say why do you think you would have unilateral authority to change
10:19 am
the law, and never heard and since september and now they think it's probably time to bring this to a conclusion and resolution and why there are the hearings. i don't for the life of me understand how there could be a question. can i read you the heading of section 407 of the law? because it's pretty straight forward. i'll read you the title, if i may, megyn. >> megyn: okay. >> it's called mandatory work requirements. i don't often see in any statute or law a straight forward statement of intent and the effect of the law. >> megyn: in other words, mandatory work requirements. >> there isn't any wiggle room in that whatsoever. >> megyn: i will tell you this, when this debate came up over the summer we had the guy who used to run new york's program on the show and this guy, if memory serves is a liberal democrat and he said they are-- >> odds are pretty good.
10:20 am
>> megyn: he said they are gutting the program and taking the work requirement out and that's a fair charge by the republicans. he doesn't think that the flexibility will really amount to real work and that people are going to game the system and others have said this, that people are going to game the system under the new flexible rules to get welfare without working. >> the patience of the republican party and the national liberal media, by the way, they're nothing more than lap dogs now than watch dogs. this should have been a subject that was absolutely, front and center in the campaign. mitt romney chose not to do so. >> megyn: well, he tried or the rnc tried, one of them did. >> well, they also lost so the republicans need something besides losers, and to let this go on, to fester this long without a statement, without a declaration and an appeal, a campaign, if you will, to the american people on the importance of the constitution, because this administration has made a clear, it will work around as
10:21 am
the president is fond of saying, the congress, the ogres that they are, and he will take his enlightenment and his intent and make it so, independently, unilaterally and without sanction by the congress or the constitution. it's got to stop. this is one of those instances, like refusal to enforce the immigration code, he didn't like it, if we don't like it, change it, but do not behave as if this is some sort of a third world country in which whoever survives the most recent contest is the leader, the dear leader because it's not the way that an american president should be acting, nor the loyal opposition for that matter. >> megyn: a couple of issues, number one, the president in your view flouting the law and criticized for criticizing the defense of marriage act which you're supposed to do, and the federal government is supposed to-- we're going to talk about that in the next block. i want to say this, the other
10:22 am
thing about welfare quickly hook at this graph, it shows what president clinton did and this congress, bipartisan effort, works. look at this, the number of people getting welfare up near 16 million prior to when we passed the welfare reform act and look how dramatically it dropped and how relatively low it's stayed since. there are stakes involved substantively in doing this. >> getting a program that works. the aid to dependent families with dependent children did not work. it was and they replaced it in 2006 and replaced it with assistance to needy families. it works, leave them alone. there's principle involved, ideology involved, but it returns people to a productive role in society. >> megyn: they're claiming they're not messing with it that much and giving the states what-- >> would you like me to get you a list. >> megyn: you're lucky i let
10:23 am
you read the header. it's over, thanks, lou. check out lou on first base network. and what freedom means, a man trying to live like early americans and runs into modern day regulations. why this north carolina mountain man says the government is trying to change the way he lives on his own land. >> this is supposed to be the land of the free and government is supposed to help people, but take their individual liberties and freedom? that's not what's happening here, so i'm thinking, my gosh, this is the country that i pledge allegiance to every day? . e they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy.
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>> well, a new effort underway by dozens of prominent conservatives to throw support behind marriage
10:27 am
equality. gay marriage. four members and a top presidential advisor all signing on to agree at the supreme court. justice for justices hear a same sex marriage cause out of california. and nicole wallace, and a-- great to see you here. >> thanks for having me. >> megyn: meg whitman and a national security advisor, ileana ros-lehtinen and you, people don't normally social gay marriage as a republican-backed issue, why did you and other top republican sign on for it. >> i think we've been quiet about it, but the truly conservative position is that families create the most stable building blocks for neighborhoods and societies and that any family, think two people who love each other and who are raising children, who are married, improve and benefit society by being able to do so. that's the more conservative
10:28 am
view here. >> the argument against it in part. legally they say, look, you don't change tconstitution to fit evolving standards in the country. if the founding fathers thought this is what the conservatives argue, we need to protect abortion, that would have been in there, we need to protect gay marriage and would have been in there and you can't develop, find new rights over the course of history. >> you're right and you're the lawyer here so i'm not going to outlawyer you on this one. >> megyn: that's not my position, i'm not saying-- >> you've argued, too, that a lot of the freedoms that we now enjoy were not written in the constitution, women didn't get to vote until an embarrassingly recent point in history. and interracial marriages were not allowed. and freedoms take longer sometimes to emerge from our interpretation of the constitution. >> and that's a more left-leaning point of view. >> not left-leaning. >> megyn: living, breathing constitution. >> and ted olson is a conservative legal scholar and
10:29 am
there are a lot of republican legal minds who signed our names on this brief and 14 times the supreme court has held marriage as a fundamental right, it's the view that will prevail legally when the courts look at it. >> megyn: they were the once that were required to get involved. it used to be illegal for a black person to marry a white person in this and judicial intervention to get past that point. >> and the principle concern being-- and ties it together and shows that the pursuit of freedom and the explicit right to freedom and access to freedom is in that constitutional document. >> ted olson, by the way, the former solicitor general under president bush and lost his wife in 9/11 and he's leading the charge in this california case. and quickly let me ask you politically, that's your legal. >> right. >> megyn: politics you know. do you think that this will help the republican party win back some voters that they've been struggling to get? >> i think it will help people
10:30 am
see us as a party, you talk about things that are living and breathing and evolving, our party is that and i think this process of evolving is an important one, a healthy one and i think to see republicans debating and i think we're having a pretty intellectual debate about this issue, it's not an emotional or a nasty one, we're debating different theories and i think that's very good for the party, it's good for the country to see our party hashing our way, even if it's messy at points through some of the complicated issues. >> megyn: great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> megyn: thanks for being here. we could see a major shift in the president's warnings about the spending changes that are supposed to kick in tomorrow. here is just a little bit of what we have been hearing. >> sequester will weaken america's economic recovery. it will weaken our military readiness. >> air traffic contollers and airport security will see cutbacks. tens of thousands of parents will scramble to find health care for their kids. >> megyn: last night the president gave a group of
10:31 am
business leaders a different sounding assessment. why did he do that? that's next. and at 2 p.m. eastern, the catholic church will be technically without a leader for a time. we'll go live to the vatican as we begin seeing the next step in the process of picking a new pope. history happens in 30 minutes, folks. and a major lotto win being contested by a bevy of beauticians. look the at these ladies. they aone of their co-workers is trying to style herself as the sole winner even though they were supposed to have split the winnings. they say it's a group ticket. bring your best hair and pull up a chair because the scissors come out today in kelly's court. ♪ that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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>> will weaken america's economic recovery. it will weaken our military readiness. air traffic contollers, airport security will see cutbacks and that could cause delays at airports across the country. tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find child care for their kids. emergency responders like the ones who are here today. their ability to help communities respond to and recover from disasters will be degraded. federal prosecutors will have to close cases and let criminals go. thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off.
10:36 am
>>. >> megyn: that's a sample of some of what we've heard from president obama these days and putting out a long list of warnings what he says will be the impact of these spending changes that are due to begin tomorrow. they take mace ovplace over the course of five years, but begin tomorrow. the last night's speech to the business council, the president seemed to be sounding a different message. take a listen. >> i should point out and i'm heard you've he heard from a number of experts and economists that this is not a cliff, but it is a tumble downward. >> megyn: joining me now simon rosenburg, president and founder of a think tank and a former campaign advisor to president clinton and marc thiessen, the enterprise, and former speech writer for president george w. bush. it's not a contrast, but a different sounding mental from
10:37 am
t from-- message from one he had been giving. it will not happen overnight, but to be real. he seems to be trying to prepare folks for what, marc? >> the fact that the the sequester isn't quite what he made it out to be. reason he's changing his tone, what he was saying was not true. and like the boy who cried wolf, obama is calling sequester. they got caught and said that 40,000 teachers will lose their jobs and arne duncan said the layoff notices were going out as we speak and they couldn't find a single school district in the country where layoff notices, pink slips were going out because of the sequester. they went out and side they had to release hundreds of illegal immigrants facing deportation from immigration jails because of the sequester. it isn't costs $164 to keep an immigrant in immigration jail and nothing to do with the sequester and that official, by the way, has suddenly
10:38 am
retired. you've got saying 70,000 kids are going to lose head start and hhs spokesman said to politico, not to take the figures literally. they've been fear mongering and the problem with crying wolf is eventually it comes back to haunt you and people won't believe you next time you warn there's a pending disaster. >> megyn: simon. >> listen, i don't think there's been a change in tone or a big backtrack. we're entering a different stage in this debate. i mean, republicans have been arguing for years that cuts are a virtues thing that we need to cut government in order to bring our deficit under control and the truth is that when you cut government, real things happen, right? seniors get less good health care. teachers get laid off. our readiness for our military get degraded and that's happening as we're hitting the reality phase of this conversation about what to do about our fiscal future. and i think that the republicans are continue actually trying to deny when
10:39 am
you cut government there are real world consequences to it it. and this is where you can call it fear mongering or whatever marc is going to say, but republicans have been equally misleading about the fact that there isn't real world consequences when you cut the government. >> megyn: and what do you think of it, marc? we're going to see and some people are going to lose their jobs and president obama, the clip change in tone, i will grant simon was not the best and there was more, limited time. there was more where he went on to stay unless you live in an area where you have military folks there and so on, you may not feel the effects of this. but that's -- that does sound different from what he's been saying before, that the growth of the entire economy is it going to be put in jeopardy. damage our national security, kids kicked off head start disabled disabled kids less help and firefighters and eviscerate job creating. and just a couple of days ago, it was like oh, my god. >> yeah. >> a couple of days ago, it was armageddon and now all of a sudden we're on a downward
10:40 am
tumble, a difference between armageddon and tumble. the problem with sequester isn't the amount of cuts, honestly we're not cutting 85 billion dollars this year, there's only 44 billion dollars in outlays, that's little over 1% of the federal budget, that is not armageddon, the problem is that they're indiscriminate. they're across the board cuts and i pointed out last week, there's a simple solution to that, which republicans are voting, hopefully they're going to vote on it in the senate today, is a bill to give the president the authority to have the discretion, to choose which programs get cut, to protect head start if he wants, to protect the military programs if he doesn't want. >> megyn: he stole that idea from you. you said it on the show and now they're actually doing it, but they say that's not going to pass, marc, i'm sorry to tell you, but say it's not going to pass, maybe i'm wrong. >> let them reject it. >> megyn: simon, there's a belief in some circles that are some, in the white house or on the left, who want to see these devastating cuts, not because they want to hurt people, but because they want to make the point that spending cuts and these aren't spending cuts, they're decreases to the increases in
10:41 am
spending, hurt, that they hurt, and that you shouldn't be behind them. and they sort of think there's a conflicting motive by some on the left. your thoughts on that? >> well, look, i think that as i said, i think we're hitting the reality phase of this debate. i think that the suspects are not against cutting government, they're not against reducing spending, but i think the point, this is where i agree with mark, if we're going to do it we've got to do it right and smart. >> megyn: so optimistic. >> no, no, and the programs that don't make any sense are antiquated and where i agree with mark, the problem with na is not the aggregate amount of money that being cut, but indiscriminate, aim going to mimic marc now, the indiscriminate way they're falling, falling on defense workers and teachers and other people and i think if marc and i could cut down and cut 82 billion we might do it in a different way that would go for antiquated government programs or things that are not essential, day-to-day operations of the country. but i do think as we move
10:42 am
forward in in economic debate, the truth is when you cut government, there is pain. and we're going to be feeling that as a country and it means that we can't be indiscriminate about this, we've got to be senator about it. >> megyn: too late. we already with. by the way you two look adorable in your matching outfits today. (laughter) >> thank you, megyn. >> a wellssed man. >> following your lead, marc, following your lead. >> megyn: aren't they charming? want to tell you the members of the audience they mentioned arne duncan in this debate, the secretary of education who made all of these comments about all the bad things, teachers laid off already. well, that turned out not to be true and boy, did the white house take a beating on that at the white house press conference. we'll show you what happened when jay carney was on the hot seat about arne duncan getting caught in a bet of a stretch. we'll report and let you decide coming up. plus the white house fired a new round moments ago as well. in its war of words with bob woodward. here we go again.
10:43 am
the veteran journalist says he was quote, threatened, after the narrative on the automatic spending changes due to quick in tomorrow. former white house secretary dana perino is here to weigh in, boy does she have interesting thoughts. wait until you hear from here today. a must-see segment. and this country, this self-styled mountain man says local officials just changed the rules about the way he has lived on his own land for the last 26 years right after this break. . >> i've never had anybody hurt by bun of the buildings. we've never had any health issues here, and so, hike after 26 years, that's a pretty strong statement. >> not for the government. here is our illegal bridge. >> it only has one rail. >> basically about everything we do out here is illegal. >> and he believes that the counties are only looking for ways to tell him no. which is why he has little confidence that this is a battle he can win. >> i'm not confident i can win
10:44 am
it, i'm confident i ought to win it, i'm confident it shouldn't be happening, but at this point basically what the government told me today is you can't operate. [ female announcer ] from tracking the bus. ♪ to tracking field conditions. ♪ wireless is limitless.
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♪ wiress is limitless. >> epic struggle over one man's freedom versus the power of government. a north carolina outdoorsman finds himself in a struggle with his straight over his chosen way of life on his private land. usef conway best known as a mountain man to some, opened a too school to teach people to live like our ancestors, blacksmithing and the like. >> he was 17 years old when he took henry thorough's advice and bought wilderness turtle island and turned it into a school and camp teaches how to live with nature.
10:48 am
it wasn't built by architect, home depot, it was built with the materials at hand which is now the problem. county officials say that the compound violates building codes, safety regulations and ordered him to shut it down. >> this is supposed to be the land of the free, the government is supposed to help people protect their individual liberties and freedoms, that's not what's happening here, so, i'm thinking, my gosh, this is the country that i pledge of allegiance to every day? >> so critics wonder why now after 26 years is the local government pressuring him? conway says he fully passed the county investigation ten years ago and many believe after he appeared on the history channel mountain man channel that the county officials want to take a closer look. the county officials say that's not true, that it's safety and fairness and everybody has to pass an inspection, saying, quoting here, the primary concern of the counties that the visitors are in and out of the building
10:49 am
neither permitted nor inspected with the code. and he says his back is pretty much against the wall. >> i'm not confident i can win it, i'm confident i ought to win it. i'm confident it it shouldn't be happening, but at this point, basically what the government told me today is, all right, you can't operate. this is something that i spent this much of my life on, i don't know that much left. if i have to die for this, i don't mind. >> reporter: but he's the not dead yet and he has some help to fight this thing, several lawyers and engineers are now working on his behalf and 10,000 people now signed a petition asking the county for a building code change, kind of a quintessential fight for rights. we'll let you know how this thing progresses. right now the camp is not exist tent. >> megyn: thanks to bob buckley in greensboro, a great report and long and interesting and posting it on our website,
10:50 am
and judge andrew napolitano says i'm trying to live like our ancestors and it defeats the point to have the building regulators and inspectors coming in, has to be to cold. get out of my business. >> right, you know, megyn, how i yearn to be the judge in this case, that's not the case, regrettably ingl think, te trend is conformity. if there is he' no pigeon hole to put him in shut him down and the courts will probably go along with it. when you think about it, the essence of private property is to do what you want, your ability to do what you want on your own property as long as you don't hurt anyone, and your ability to exclude anyone from private property that you want to exclude, even the government. the textbook definition.
10:51 am
>> even those who don't want to live like our ancestors, have to comply with getting permits if we want to build a deck and add a certain kind of window or whatever it is, you can't paint your door a certain color. and we all have to live with this to some extent. why shouldn't he? >> he has a 26 year record of living like folks in america lived 175 years ago. he has a 26 year record of training people who want to know how to do this and doing it flawlessly. he takes he very little money to run the school. he does it using old-fashioned means and they leave and follow the means where they live. suddenly the history channel tells about this wonderful pioneer-like patriot, and the government goes after him. why not give him an exemption, a variance from the local zoning codes and let him be. >> megyn: i haven't heard of
10:52 am
reports somebody got hurt. they're concerned somebody might, from the county. we noticed several buildings existed that we didn't know about, no permits were sought for, over 20 in fact. his residence, sleeping quarters for interns, cabin record. maintenance facility. blacksmith building and lots of visitors come and many of whom are children, and rules apply. final thoughts. >> it's their obligation, but also their obligation to use common sense. nobody stumbles into it accidentally, it's 500 acres and 500 acres most recent to our friends in carolina, the purpose is to see to what the life is like untouched by government. >> megyn: he doesn't use electricity, and uses water from the stream. pa would be proud of him. >> i'm proud of him. >> megyn: we'll post the full report
10:53 am
live. we're ten minutes away from the vatican. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap.
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>> new information now on one of the most important indicators on the u.s. economy, despite a initin initi gross domestic product report showed that the u.s. economy shank in the fourth quarter of last year, a revised report find the economy grew .1%. analysts say that the slight boost respects exports and business assessments, however, the weakest performance we've seen in nearly two years. >> fox news alert, as we witness a historic moment for the catholic church, not seen in 600 years. in justice moments, pope benedict xvi will step down officially as head of the roman catholic church and right now he is spending his
10:57 am
final moments as pope at the castle gandolfo outside of rome. air looking at live pictures of the castle, the swiss guard, they have protected the pope for five centuries, different popes for five centuries, think of it, standing outside the door. at 2 p.m. eastern time, pope's resignation will take effect. the bells will chime, the doors will shut, and the swiss guards will walk off duty one of the few signs that pope benedict is no longer the pope and a new leader. fox contributor, father jonathan morris joins us live from rome. good to see you. put it in perspective what we're seeing and what's about to happen. >> sure, in just a few minutes as you said, megyn, the catholic church, 1.2 billion
10:58 am
members will not have a pope. this is a period called the interragnum one pope usually dies or one resigns and the cardinals meet to elect a new pope and that won't begin for several days now. what we're seeing is just not something that hasn't happened in 600 years. really, as it happened today it's never happened that a reigning pope would choose, because of his own health, mind and body as he says, would pass on the authority to somebody else for the good of the church. he says in these times, this is what is needed. in my opinion, a remarkable, not only historical, but from a spiritual perspective, a remarkable act of humility and these are important times, we need a pope to handle the tough situation. >> megyn: what will happen, as a practical matter what does it mean for this time beginning in three minutes,
10:59 am
the catholic church will be without a pope? >> well, the college of cardinals will be taking care of the ordinary business of the church in these days and if there was an urgent matter, certainly, they would come together and make a decision about that. but certainly speaking, that the church is very local and you have the parish priest, you have a local bishop and you don't need the pope to be making urgent decisions all the time. and so, during this time, there will be no major decisions made internationally, and wait for a new pope. i stood up here, megyn, on this platform looking over here at st. peter's basilica and watched that helicopter take off, to think that this man had chosen to give up that power and that authority and go off into the sunset like that, i think it was a call to all of us, catholic or not, are we seeking the good of another person or rather, are we holding on to power position and fame?
11:00 am
and this man, obviously, is going to be taking off those red shoes and going inside there and living a very, very different life than he's been living the last eight years. >> megyn: yeah, giving up huge power and acknowledging the frailty of the human condition and admitting that he physically no longer felt up to the responsibilities of being pope which is an admission of a different sort, one at that requires great humility, father jonathan. >> i think so, megyn. and the fact is that the pope knows that in these times, communication travelquickly, ri i know that during the life of john paul ii, towards the end while he certainly gave us an example of endurance and perserverance, pope benedict xvi was watching those last years of his life and seeing important work of the church not get done and he said, i don't think, at least in these times, that the best thing for the church is to have me go through the same thing. if other people manage or
11:01 am
mismanage what needs to be taken care of quickly and well. >> megyn: as we watch the castle, what we understand is going to happen at 2 p.m. eastern time the swiss guard is going to walk away, just walk away, signaling that we no longer have a pope because they're the ones charged with protecting our pope and have been for 500 years, is that what is going to happen? >> that is true. and very colorful, i can't see the images right now, but if you're seeing the swiss guard who protect the pope, those uniforms were made by michelangelo, a great tradition and they said, not only do we protect the pope, but eonly protect the pope, therefore if this ere's no pope we're leaving. and the fisherman's ring will be taken off and smashed. in other words, at this point there is nobody who is pope, and as an examination, again, that it's not about one person leading the church. the person who leads the church is jesus christ, at
11:02 am
least that's our belief, but the pope, as his vicar is the one who stands in and represents for us the leadership of the church and we're saying he's no longer that and he's going to go now and live like a monk, in a couple of months he'll come back to the vatican behind me and live in the monastery and not giving out any communiques or conferences, a very different life. >> megyn: father morris, if i can ask you to stand by as we listen and watch. >> sure thing. [bell ringing]. [applause] (applause)
11:03 am
>> (applause). >> . >> wow. and the catholic church is now officially without a pope and
11:04 am
pope benedict xvi is officially in retirement now. you heard father jonathan talk about what he will do and what that means. the swiss guard, you can see, so dignified, handling the moment, none of them has ever done this before. this hasn't happened in 600 years. you heard shouts from the crowd viva el papa. live the pope. these, this group, the swiss guard has been protecting this pope for 500 years, you have to be catholic, you have to be male, you have to be between the ages and 19 and 30, and have completed your mandatory swiss military service and you sign up for a minimum of two years for that duty. let's watch again. this now is vatican security and they will now be charged with protecting the pope, the former pope in his retirement. that's the changing of the
11:05 am
guard that we're witnessing. let's watch again. and father jonathan, it was simple, but it was moving in its simplicity and the seriousness with which all involve take their responsibilities when it comes to protecting the pope. >> most definitely.
11:06 am
and you know that that the simplicity that is there, that's also beautiful, right? is representing not a need for show or power, but rather, that this person in the pope represents for us someone much more important and that is god himself. and that's why the catholic church takes it it very seriously. and at the same time, pope benedict xvi said now what? it's not because i'm so important, in fact, i'm out of here, right? because i think that this is' another person who god is calling to do the task done, that i was doing for the church and so, there you have that, that unbelievable contrast between all that solemnity and someone who says, you know what? now i'm going to live a life of quiet, prayer, and of service and of a different way to the cluthurch. i find it fascinating and inspiring. >> megyn: and now the duties of the swiss guard will resume
11:07 am
when they pick the new pope. do we know, father jonathan, when that's going to happen. >> we know, megyn, monday the cardinals will be be called officially to meet together. most of them are already here if not all of them, but beginning on monday they will be officially called to conclave and then on tuesday begins what we call the congregations or basically big meetings, official meetings in which the cardinals begin to talk about the real issues. church. and they also get to know each other in that way and even now, the cardinals have a long weekend tomorrow, they have a day off, but it will be a day off of getting to know each other more and talking to each other and discussing real human things like do you know him well. what would he be like? what has he written? what has he said? and then on tuesday, most likely, the date for the conclave will be set. after these congregations are over. my five, six, seven days after that first meeting on tuesday,
11:08 am
so we're talking about the end of next week or the beginning of the following. >> megyn: and i know that the former pope will now be known as bishop emeritus of rome and he's in the building and guarded by the vatican police no longer the swiss guard and i want to ask you about a moment we saw here this morning where we saw the pope leaving vatican city before he got into the helicopter and there is his driver. there is his driver of the car, kissing his papal ring and in tears. you can see tears in his eyes. and you think about this man, not so much the pope who we can necessarily, he we might not necessarily be able to relate to, but the driver of the car, so moved, just to be near this man. just to be driving him and have the privilege of spending that time with him and now that ring that he kissed you mentioned will be taken off and smashed and explain the reason for that and the significance of that and the significance of the pope to everyday catholics.
11:09 am
>> sure. well, the ring, the significance of the ring, it's a fisherman's ring and remember when jesus said to st. peter you will now be a fisher of men, in other words, you'll now be a pastor now you won't just be doing things for yourself, but you'll be involved in the salvation of souls and when pope benedict gives that up recognize no longer the person in charge. he made a remarkable statement to the cardinals today in this regard, among you will be-- among you most likely to be the next pope and i offer to him my sincere reverence and obedience. 's he saying i'm going to be someone who is not the pope and there's somebody else in charge and i think that must be very moving for that man who had the pleasure of driving him and living close to him, in these days because just to watch somebody do that it's like our father, it's
11:10 am
like someone, or grandfather, is doing an act of humility like that, we would all be moved. and i was moved it tears when i was watching the helicopter fly over the platform tonight. this man did it and now it's our turn. >> megyn: bishop emeritus of rome. thank you for being here. >> thank you, megyn. >> megyn: coming up in the next two minutes, back to washington d.c. because we've got some breaking news today from the white house, as the media challenges this administration on whether it has been completely honest about the fallout from these spending changes taking effect tomorrow. the education secretary may have stepped in it a bit and jay carney had his hands full moments ago, we'll he show you the exchange. and plus life in the fast lane couldened up costing you in one state. and ticket slow drivers who decide to muddle along in the passing lane. a bevy of beauticians,
11:11 am
claiming they went in on a lotto claim, but that the gal who bought it stole to for herself. and saying that i didn't win it off the group ticket. look at the ladies. are they likely to win in their hair-raising case? kelly's court. ♪
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11:14 am
>> fox news alert in the fight over the automatic spending changes that are due to kick in tomorrow. and new questions from the media about whether the administration has been straight with the american people on this issue. welcome back, everybody, i'm megyn kelly, for the last few weeks we've heard a series of warnings from the administration about what will happen when this-- these automatic spending changes, again, if we're going to decrease the amount of increase we will see in spending this year.
11:15 am
we'll see more spending than last year, not as much. warnings how these changes, you know, this reduction in the increase is going to weaken our economy. it's going to hurt our military readiness and leave thousands of teachers without job. in fact, education secretary arne duncan suggested this past sunday the first pink slips were already going out in school districts across the country. >> and there are literally teachers getting pink slips, notices that can't come back this fall. >> that was sunday. three days later the white house briefing the media challenged mr. duncan's claims and we heard that story, here is that exchange. >> and teachers are already getting pink slips as you said-- >> yeah, and just 'cause they have an earlier notification, so, in west virginia, but not the vast majority will be rolling out over the next two
11:16 am
months. >> chris. >> and clear it's title 1 teachers and (inaudible) whether it's sequester related i don't know, these were teachers given pink slips. >> megyn: that's the point, is it sequester related or isn't it. that's the context in which he offered the original remarks. ap then the washington post came out and gave arne duncan's original claim four pinochios, they weren't layoffs, they were transfer notices and weren't to the sequester. and moments ago the president's team questioned we will he get into it momentarily. boy, this is not going well for arne duncan or the administration. i want to show you and the viewers what just happened today on this very same issue, marriage garre
11:17 am
major garrett formerly of fox news. >> and didn't prove to be true about the immediacy of pink slips for teachers, mentioned specifically a school district in west virginia, they're not sequester related at all. he made some sort of mild suggestion they might not be, they're clearly not. how confident are you, jay, how confident is this administration the things it's saying and portrait it's presenting to the country is not only accurate, but will withstand the vut any of times once the cuts begin? >> we're very confident. and a fact a-- >> if you want to present another example i'll take them, but-- >> can't explain the-- and in place-- >> i don't know that the secretary of transportation was giving you an absolute minute target for how much the delays are going to be, there are going to be delays in reduction of man hours and personnel among our air traffic contollers, that's a fact. and i hope you keep that in mind he when you're on your next commercial night and
11:18 am
you're delayed, if that does in fact come into effect the sequester, i would refer you to the department of education and superintendent of schools in the district that you mentioned for specifics about that, i'm certainly not familiar with it. i can tell you that the impacts of sequester are real and to diminish them-- to diminish-- >> that was given-- of the example i would defer you to the department of education and the superintendent of the school district for more information, i don't have it. >> megyn: steve hays? you know, they were all, they were all too happy to put out arne duncan on the sunday talk shows and now it's huh, who, what? try to get him on the phone. talk to some local guy. >> right. well, it's interesting, i mean shall "the washington post" already did that work and interviewed administrators said flat-out without qualification that what arne duncan said was not true that this was not related to sequester, there were transfer notices, but they were not
11:19 am
firings and not related to the sequester. that answer was given and arne duncan was demonstrably wrong on that. >> megyn: and this is "the washington post" article, i don't know if you can see, it four pinochios for arne duncan as false claims for pink slips for teachers. washington post reporting and as you point out there'll be at probably five or six jobs and it's going to happen regardless of sequester. why don't they just come out and say, i misspoke, i said something that wasn't right, it happens, i was confused, and let me clarify what the truth is. you get more credibility when you acknowledge your mistakes. >> i think that would have been wise to do that in this case, it appears to be so black and white because the reporting has been done. i think if you're in the white house and sitening the communication strategy room the reason you don't acknowledge what seems sob such an obvious mistake, you don't want to encourage sort after pile-on effect and reporters go and check other things, and other things, and then can demonstrate a pattern once you acknowledge it's
11:20 am
wrong. i'm thinking-- i'm guessing talking over there, that it's probably easier to try to skate around it by not acknowledging it was a mistake. i wouldn't have done it that way. i would own the mistake, we screwed it up. we'll do it better next time. >> megyn: this ties into a debate we had marc thiessen and rosenburg, how president obama had arguably a shift in tone about the tire consequences of these spending changes. it had been sort of armageddon before yesterday and yesterday, it was more like, well, it's not going to a cliff, it's going to be a tumble and might not feel it if you're not the firefighting or the military community and there's a question whether the wheels are coming off the bus on that message from arne duncan or whatever else president obama knows to cause that slight shift. >> yeah, i think it's an unmistakable shift. if you go back and play the president's remarks from a little over a week ago, i think it was, where he basically described something that looks like chaos
11:21 am
spreading through the united states and then contrast them with the sort of slight tumble down effect that he described last night in his remarks, there's no question that he's making a different kind of case and i think it's almost certain that that's because they've been called on this, i mean, i think that reporters are, you know, in substance, finally doing their jobs. and asking these questions, doing the kind of fact checking that we saw them do vigorously during the campaign, mitt romney's campaign and that we've seen reporters do in the past. they're just asking questions, trying to verify what actually is being said and as major garrett mentioned in his questioning of jay carney, there are now questions raised about an f.a.a. administrator who couldn't back up the administration claims it would be 90 minute flight delays, i think we're going to see more of this. >> megyn: and is this because that that messaging, you know, the armageddon messaging, was meant to scare the republicans on capital hill into doing something differentlily and coming to the bargaining table, you know, with
11:22 am
president obama and that didn't work. and so now, it looks like we're going to have the spending changes and now we have got to get real. >> yeah, i think the white house took a calculated, but very significant risk when they made that over the top case. i mean, whatever we see, it's not likely to resemble thinking that the president described he when he did that appearance in front of the first responders where he suggests, yeah, basically hinting that people's lives were going to be in danger across the country. it was so 0 over the top that i think that reporters sitting watching the president's performance had to say really, that's what we are atalking about and started them asking questions, and the real risk if we don't see them or see them in a more graduated way which is more likely the president was going to look like he was crying wolf which is a prospect the new york times even raised in an article yesterday. so i think it's a real risk for the white house and threatens the broader case that president obama has made throughout his presidency on behalf of activist government. that's what he says, we can't
11:23 am
even survive these 40 billion dollars in cuts on the domestic discretionary side in the context of a budget that's 3.6 trillion dollars, these small cuts will imperil the country. thing that people are wake up and saying, that doesn't strike me as true. >> megyn: even "the washington post," sequester spin gets ahead of reality and write the description of the post sequester landscape from the obama administration have been alarming, hyped, thank you. and war of words with boob woodward under attack again after challenging the administration's narrative on these budget changes, and the negotiations. dana perino has an interesting perspective on this. she's here live. also, what do you think of people who drive slowly in the fast lane? but way too many aren't.
11:24 am
why? because selling their funds makes them more money. which makes you wonder -- isn't that a conflict? >> there are way too many and they spend more money and not one of them has our name on it. we're in the business of finding the right investments for you. e-trade. less for us. more for you. the fund's prospectus contains its investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other important information and should be read and considered carefully before investing. for a current prospectus, visit
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11:27 am
>> and now to west point where memorial services are about to begin right now for general norman schwarzkopschwar and that's one one in a long list of accomplishments. rick leventhal live with more at west point. rick. >> reporter: and megyn, the general being laid to rest here at west point cemetery in a few minutes and a lot of dignataries arrived along with family members here at the cemetery, including former vice-president dick cheney and in the chapel as the general's daughter spoke about her
11:28 am
father and laughing and crying as she talked about his booming voice and life style, how he would listen to pavarotti and sing on stage with johnny cash the next day ar treadmill the next day listening to abba's greatest hit. he was retired in 1991 and asked to run for political office and he declined and here is her story. >> after much soul searching dad politely declined the notion of political office and wouldn't be good at it it anyway, sorry about that, mr. vice-president. i wrote that before i knew you were coming so i hope you won't hold it against me. >> a lighter moment in the chapel. of course, norman schwarzkopf served two tours of duty in vietnam ap received three silver stars and led troops during the invasion of granada and led operation desert storm ending that ground war in iraq in 1991 in just four days and
11:29 am
had some choice words for the former iraqi leader. >> as far as saddam hussein being a great military strategist, he is neither a strategist nor is he schooled in the operational arts, for is he a tactician, nor is he a general, nor is he a soldier. other than that he's a great military man, i want you to know that. (laughter) . >> reporter: general schwarzkopf also is being remembered here by his wife brenda. he has two daughters and a son and is being laid to rest, megyn, very close to his father's grave. his father was also a west point graduate. >> megyn: what a man. recognizance -- rick, new. and there were intense moments in the white house press room. and there was another allegation an official
11:30 am
threatening reporter bob woodward because he challenged the president's narrative for suggesting who is responsible for the budget changes scheduled to kick in. the president obama has be been railing against these and saying the republicans came up with them. woodward says that the president came up with them and he's moving the goal posts and claiming the republicans has to raise taxes if there's going to be a deal. the white house not happy with that reporting and now woodward chams they threatened him. former white house press secretary dana perino had some fascinating insights on what's really hang heppening here. she was the press secretary under president bush and wait until you hear her explanation how things work in an office. a salon full of stylists fighting a million dollar lottery winner, saying that their co-worker tries to cut them out of it even though they were in on the ticket. >> they're disappointed that it came to this and they're much more disappointed than
11:31 am
they are angry. it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the new fiber one caramel nut protein bar.
11:32 am
11:33 am
11:34 am
. >> sperling told bob woodward he might regret what was-- >> and the responsible thing to ask that question in the context of the full e-mail since we know what the full e-mail said. in keeping with the what i've been access to, mr. woodward
11:35 am
was his friend and apologized for raising his voice. i think you cannot read those e-mails and come away with the impression that gene was threatening anybody. >> megyn: and yet, that's the impression that bob woodward walked away with. that was jay carney the white house press secretary moments ago facing tough questions from the press corps about the escalating battle, escalating weird battle between the washington post reporter bob woodward and the white house. mr. woodward who used to be loved by the folks at the white house now clauims he received a thereiniy think e-ma from gene sperling, and sperling upset over mr. woodward's reporting on the big budget fight happening in d.c., and who is to blame for these automatic spending changes, the president's been railing against for weeks. da dana perino former press
11:36 am
secretary for president george w. bush and a co-house of "the five" here on fnc. it's a bit after train wreck, a man who was the darling of the mainstream media, i mean, the darling of the meainstream media and the white house liked him just fine prior to this. >> and bob woodward is an exceedingly polite person, even if you know you're on t the-- you can't help, but like the guy. and i understand when reading the e-mail, it's not that bob woodward thought someone was going to kill his poodle, that's not the threat. the threat is what turned out to happen, which is you have many on the left attacking anyone who has said, well, wait a second, those reporters in the briefing room, all of them are asking a little tongue in cheek to jay carney today, because it's not news.
11:37 am
this is-- it is a way to operate a press, which is to threaten access. access is really your only weapon. earlier jay carney says nobody really thinks that gene sperling could hurt anybody and i could even probably beat him in arm wrestling, but they do have access and they're unhappy with him. and i think bob woodward is the reason that most of those people are in the briefing room anyway. >> megyn: right. >> you learn about-- >> many of us saw-- >> and inspired. >> megyn: and saw bob woodward, i mean, robert redford who played bob woodward in the movie, amazing what a career to have. this is the beef with woodward. so he's breaking the story, he says the white house moved the goal posts and says he's being unfair to the republicans. and he says i'm going to run the story and they have a shouting match and sperling admits he laced into woodward. and this guy admits in the e-mail he raised his voice and they had a shouting match.
11:38 am
and then he follows up by sending bob woodward this e-mail, that says i apologize for raising my voice, i think you should rethink your comment saying that the president moved the-- moved the goal posts, i know you may not believe it, but as a friend you may regret staking that claim. baba bah. and woodward says there should be more to this issue and welcome your personal advice and they think that woodward is disingenuous saying that woodward is coming out saying that he was threatened. >> i think that bob last night when he did that interview he should have given fuller context about it and made it clear he didn't think he was going to be personally threatened. but what's interesting, the root of this is the question of does it matter whose idea it was to have the sequester? does that matter at all in this debate and i would say that it does. because the white house and all of the other debates this is the republicans fault, this
11:39 am
is their idea, this is their problem and in in case, you have a crisis of their own making at the white house, and yet, they're trying to blame republicans and now, blaming a reporter who's basically beloved on all sides. >> megyn: directly contrary to what president obama said during the presidential debate. said this is from the republicans, their idea. >> and i tried to tangle with bob woodward once and discredit his third book calm o came out and the bush administration, and tried to put distance between us and woodward and it failed miserably. everybody defended bob woodward and not us. >> megyn: the media. >> not so today. >> now they treat him like they treat the oldest elephant in the herd. >> megyn: not just the mainstream media. and the tweet put out-- and let's talk about what happened to bob woodward after he was told you're going to
11:40 am
regret in. first, jay carney came out and accused him of being willfully wrong, that implies intent that you're intentionally also misleading the american people. that takes a shot at your integrity and then woodward goes out and says, look, i'm telling you this is what happened. i talked to the white house and now, now, we see david plouffe come out from the white house and look what he treated out. watching woodward the last two days is like imagining my idol mike schmidt, face live pitching again, perfection gained once is rarely repeated. i mean, is this beneath the dignity of the white house to be going after bob woodward like that, like he's old, he's-- >> i don't think that it represents the president in the best light. i understand defending a president, but i also think that at some point, as a press person in the administration or in a position of leadership like david plouffe, you can say look, we did come up with
11:41 am
the sequester idea and we've been trying to fix it republicans haven't met up with us halfway, and instead of basically going after him a scorched earth campaign that burns everything town and including trying to burn down his reputation and you see that so many people are only too happy to pile on. we did headlines in the last hour of many on the blogs, in particular the left leaning ones just ripping woodward. >> yeah. >> megyn: suggesting he's lost his mind. >> oh, this is what we're going to start to see. start to see he's old, past his prime. boy, he hasn't done any good work in a long time. if you go to, find a list of other reporters in the past four years says this is not that unusual. look at local reporters in 2008 campaign in different cities shut out of covering the obama team, there is favorism and that's the way that-- >> we don't have to look quite that far at fox news. fox news they tried to kick us out of a pool interview and
11:42 am
the rest of the pool said no you don't get to kick out including our sister newspaper. and went off cheryl at kinson because of reporting of fast and furious, and head of the white house press corps stood up and said that the press corps was angry how abusive they were-- >> they're kidding themselves if they think there isn't a feeling of bullying by the white house press office. the last four years, i talk to a lot of those guys and protect their anonymity they're not happy with the way they're being treated and don't understand why then don't do better reporting then and ask harder questions. benghazi was a horrific example of letting something go and talk about willfully misleading the american people. >> megyn: they need access, in their defense they need access and this white house has a history of shutting it down if they don't get the reporting they like. now we're in a situation where you have he' got to respect a journalist whose career is taking hits by the day because
11:43 am
he has so many people piling on and treating him like a rookie reporter who doesn't know when he's threatened. of course bob woodward had that e-mail by gene sperling and read the whole thing and when wrote back, the question is whether he believed it was a threat he when he received it he told cnn yes, i believe it was a threat to me. and we're supposed be to be too immature as a reporter to know what's a threat and not an athlea threat given the history. >> and one of the thing that fru frustrates reporters, would not talk to the press and go through me and my office and provide access as well as we could. gene sperling has a long relationship with bob woodward going back to the clinton day, they know each other very well and they have communication like this and probably a conversation over coffee anytime that they want. but the problem with, i think, going that route is that as
11:44 am
press secretary, you can't stop something from happening or say, oh, i don't think you should say, threat, even if i know what you mean. it could be taken the wrong way when it gets out into the public. so, there are good rules to follow and i do know an anchor who said that he's covered the clinton administration, started covering the obama administration and the first week of the obama administration got an f-word-laced phone call from rahm emanuel. we all know, that's his schtick the way he operated and i don't think it represents president obama very well. >> megyn: there's an interesting article in the national journal today by ron fournier, he cut off his relationship with an unnamed senior white house official because of the abuse he had suffered over his reporting and just found them to be-- they had attempted to intimidate him and shut him
11:45 am
down whenever he ran with something they didn't like. >> and another example of a legacy reporter with a sterling reputation and i think what he wrote today possibly the most important piece out of all of this, mini scandal in washington d.c. >> megyn: wow, wow. dana perino great to have your thoughts on it. see you tonight on "the five" the smash hit "the five" it airs at five conveniently, ease toy remember. and i love it. oh, coming up next, something very important. a hair dresser accused of trimming her co-workers right out of the office pool. that's next. [ male announcer ] julia child became a famous chef at age 51.
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>> kelly's court is back in session. on the docket today. a bevy of beauties as a salon,
11:49 am
the woman who bought the tickets from the office pool styling herself as the winner as one part she bought by her lonesome not part of the pool. >> and randy and mark, mark, whose side are you on. >> are you kidding me, the only side, the pool. megyn, how many stories can we do about the lottery pools? either that or-- >> it's happening. and that's the old days of kelly's court. the stripper lawsuit and the platform shoes. >> that's true. >> this woman is acting with no moral compass whatsoever, my six-year-old pulls stuff like that. the idea well, we won, but not with your money, it was with my money and so, that's it. they had an oral agreement. they didn't donate the money to her, there was a reason why they relinquished hard earned dollars to her that was the
11:50 am
agreement. have a discussion upfront whether you're going to purchase personal tickets as well and megyn, they did. they said don't buy anything personal and she went ahead and did so at her own peril, pay up. >> megyn: randy, who also misses the day of the strippers in kelly's court. is it, is it plausible as the group of beauticians now claim, that they did sit down and say, now, don't ever buy one for yourself individually he at the same time you buy one for the pool. >> how convenient. i would love to see that written somewhere on a napkin. on a piece of paper, on the back of a snickers bar. you know what i love about the cases, i wonder if the same woman came back and said, oh, you know, we each owe a million dollars, if suddenly the same people would say, hey, that ain't my ticket, that's not the pool's ticket, that's your ticket. whether you are in court suing over a broken window or apple and samsung, you have to bring evidence. show me proof of it.
11:51 am
i'll show you. >> show me proof of an agreement. wait, wait. >> show me proof. >> ail he give it to you. >> megyn: wait a minute, i want to hear the proof. >> i'll bring it. listen it's not a written agreement. >> how convenient. >> three people not part of this pool who used to be a part of the pool who have nothing to do with this will testify on top of the seven, so a total of ten people to say that they all had an understanding that you don't buy personal tickets, when you-- >> you want to say bet that the three people hung out with the seven and not the one. >> good luck cross examining all of them. >> bring it on. >> megyn: how is it, when they get to court how do they convince the judge and jury that their side has the facts on their side? >> that's such a wonderful question, but unfortunately in this country we're no longer an adversarial system. everything settles because a restraining order is a great equalizer because you've got eight people staring at 9 1/2
11:52 am
million dollars saying, i want that money. and they can't have it. until somebody wins or settles and they don't want to give it all to the lawyers so unfortunately they will cave. it will settle. we move on. >> megyn: in the meantime, and created styles all, but shut down and the women are worried whether they'll get their share after 9 million jackpot. >> i would tell them. let it go, it will work out and she'll get her 8th. >> megyn: and that's not bad. a hot of change, but randy wants the lawyer's commission. >> do you think that they'll do my hair or what's left testify. >> megyn: i don't think that's going to help lou's business. thanks, up next, should you get in trouble for driving too slowly in the fast lane? isn't it so irritating and yet, sometimes we're scared. why should we be punished for it? that's next. the calcium they e as well as they could because they don't take it with food.
11:53 am
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♪ life is a highway i want to ride it all night long ♪ >> a new push in one state to put a stop to drivers who lurk in the left lane. in georgia lawmakers are considering legislation that would make it illegal to drive slower than the speed limit when you're in the fast lane. trace gallagher at our west coast bureau with more on that. >> reporter: do not tell me megyn kelly, it doesn't drive you crazy. and someone is in front of you driving 45 miles an hour, never looks in the rear view mirror and creeping along. in georgia you might get help. drivers have a new law that the cops are about to enforce in they're excited. here is one driver, listen. >> makes you wish you could
11:57 am
ticket somebody and send them to the right lane. >> and i don't know, it's very frustrating. >> yeah, the proposed law says if you can't keep up get out of the way or at least get out of the fast lane. you can get ticketed now, if this law passes in georgia driving too slowly. they haven't said exactly what that speed lower limit will be. the bill was introduced by a state representative a former state trooper, listen to him. >> i always say it's a matter your mama should talk to you, somebody pulls up behind you move to the right. if you're not driving the speed limit you have a duty to get out of the way. >> reporter: yeah, by the way, a few years ago, the georgia legislature shall the house also passed a similar bill with you stuck in the senate and never signed by the governor. they think this is going to pass, pretty strongly, megyn and if it does it will take effect july 1st of this year, and california, are you listening to this? 'cause, come on. >> megyn: you're the
11:58 am
speedster. >> and pass in the right lane. >> megyn: i'm the lady going too slowly in the passing lane, you move over there, there's a huge semi in the middle lane and you move over to the left lane trying to pass it, it speeds up doesn't like you passing it and i'm scared trying to get away from you, i'm not going to do a contest with you, can't get past it so big and spitting snow and rain on you, some guy behind you is flashing his lights and flashing his lights. i'm scared i'll move when i can. and every one of the guys are the mean guy behind me. >> reporter: it's you, it's you know in front of all of us, oh, my. >> megyn: i get afraid, tell the semi to go slower and let the lady pass, when he sees her, let her pass we're afraid and the truckers know what they're doing and sometimes we don't. see you, trace. >> reporter: and don't is start crying. >> megyn: that's actually what i do. we'll be back.
11:59 am

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